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Ribbed knitted dresses

One of the most in-demand and popular items in women's clothing 2022-2023 was the fashionable noodle dress. Very feminine and stylish tight-fitting dress quickly entered the basic women's closet.

Light fitted cut and texture in vertical stripes very favorably emphasizes women's forms, emphasizing the waist, chest and hips. Fashionable noodle dress is all-season and versatile, it looks great in spring-summer images as well as autumn-winter ones. Depending on the length and version of the cut, noodle dress is suitable for office weekdays, and in some cases even for evening outfits.

A beautiful dress is always a great choice for a woman, and if the outfit also emphasizes the advantages, then doubly so. Fashionable knitted scarf dresses 2022-2023 do not look boring and most importantly, the noodle dress design uses a variety of topical transformation options.
Green in fashion
Although designers have staked on green in the shade of lime, which made a splash at one of the fashion shows in the form of a stunning dress, do not underestimate the trendy green in other tones as well.

Green in the closet is an emotion, a feeling, a mood, a highlight, which should be added to the seasonal outfits, playing with the warm and cold shades and diversified textures.

Combine colors of green with basic or well harmonized with this color, and get great looks for spring-summer and autumn-winter to be on top.

Elegant and versatile pumps, sandals with a wide strap on a thick sole, flip-flops with a square toe shape, lightweight summer loafers or sneakers are topical for summer 2022.

The most fashionable colors of summer shoes are black, white, brown, burgundy, gold and silver.


No image will be complete and harmonious without bright, sophisticated and stylish accessories.

In the spring-summer season of 2022 it is necessary to pay attention to such interesting details, as watches with silver or metal details, sunglasses of unusual form in the original frame, elegant hats matching all other details of the female image are welcome.

The absolute trend of this season is the bulk bags made of leather with a minimalist decor. But it is worth to buy a small leather or plastic handbag with creative decorations.

The official online store of one of the leading Russian brands for young, bright, active and successful girls who want to find their individual style and create their ideal image. Our women's clothing store presents the most current models of dresses from the brand's own designers, who know exactly how to emphasize femininity and sensuality, style and sense of taste of every girl.

The main assortment of ALENA MODLEN online store is dresses. Also in our online store you can find a look for every taste and for every event. Also, in addition to dresses there are knitted suits.
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